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    China Ceidea market research co., LTD. (CCMR) was founded in 2001, it is a company dedicated to provide one-stop   market research services for customers of different industries, headquartered in guangzhou,  branch offices in   Beijing, nanjing, shenyang, chengdu, actively expand domestic research business strategy also make business   development overseas at the same time, overseas department was founded in 2013.

CCMR market research in mainland China is the most competitive one of 10 big market research company, our     customers will be a good prospective enterprise or institution, we help them insight into China hundreds of     millions of people the real thought, we research, explore and challenge the thinking mode. We assess potential   market for customers, market trends, the pulse potential consumers. We are an independent enterprise focus on   market research, all  studies are rooted in the soil of the facts.



At the same time, CCMR can be personalized for high quality research service for the customer; Such as: big   data research, monitoring research, business circle research, new product test study, awareness study,   compensation research, credit research, vocational education study, etc.;

CCMR focus on Eight core research: Real estate research, Satisfaction research, the government public service   research, consumer research, industry research, market entry research, media research and mystery shopper study.


CCMR has the rich experience of the talented, team completed 350 research projects each year, it has good   professional perspective and thinking for cross-industry, cross-regional, and interdisciplinary , after more   than 10 years of experience accumulation, CCMR has complete and dynamic innovation research techniques, perfect   fit for the different needs of different industries



    After more than 10 years of development, CCMR of data collection and perform network has been basically covered   throughout China. CCMR in mainland China has more than 4300 interviewer and 223 executive team, has four   cooperation companies in overseas, give the perfect job and fantastic executive work to any companies in all of   CHINA and overseas.

  and let us have a broader field of vision and the ability to provide customers with more quality services



   CCMR is committed to providing customers with one-stop market research services, and rely on the high quality of   the data, puts forward solutions to forward-looking ideas and can be executive.



   We want to be a global brand in all of the world, and to be the most professional research company in CHINA.



   Learn more about the market , Learn more about the society.


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