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Most businesses lose around half of their customers every 5 years. Whats more, attracting a new customer can cost up to twenty times more than retaining an existing customer.

Our approach

CCMR will speak to your customers and conduct a customer satisfaction survey (often including your competitors customers, too) to find out their needs C what is it they want from you, and how do they make the purchasing decision? We then explore how well you and your competitors meet these needs, and measure the impact customer satisfaction has on customer loyalty within your industry.

The output of our projects is a detailed action plan consisting of both short-term and long-term recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our solution

We have carried out hundreds of customer satisfaction surveys over the years, allowing us to establish a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) portfolio. This allows our Clients to compare their performance against other businesses and industries.

Our proprietary IMPSAT tool enables easy interrogation of the data, and is used most effectively in surveys which intend to repeat with reasonable frequency.

The IMPSAT tool uses customer satisfaction and importance scores to identify the actions required for each factor. Therefore, the results can be classified to show what action is required. For example, factors that score high in terms of importance and score low in terms of customer satisfaction should be earmarked for immediate attention. This method of interactive reporting builds ownership of the findings and thereby generates interest in taking action.

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