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 Qualitative Research

CCMR is a leader when it comes to providing Qualitative Research techniques like In-depth Interviews, Ethnographies, Focus Groups and Online Forums. CCMR is proficient in capturing the target audience and getting their opinions in a very semi-controlled environment. We are good at capturing the observations of the audiences and a thorough report is presented just on the basis of that. CCMR is a leading Marketing Research firm in China which can help you track the behavior of the consumer and help you understand the needs and the customers response to a service, product or brand.

Qualitative Market Research Methods goes beyond the normal number crunching to give you the insight into a customers behavior, emotions and personal characteristics. With qualitative research, you get to know the customers reaction in real time in response to the product or a brand. From health studies to academic research, market research and stakeholder consultation, qualitative research happens in nearly every workplace and study environment, nearly every day.

Quantitative Research 

Quantitative Research refers to the investigation of social phenomena via statistical, mathematical or numerical data or computational techniques. Quantitative Research is essentially about collecting numerical data to explain a particular phenomenon, like particular questions seem immediately suited to being answered using quantitative methods. CCMR is one of the top market research companies in China, India and Asian subcontinent. We provide quantitative research analytical techniques like CATI, Webcati, CAWI and Central Location Tests (Clts). We are Quantitative Market Research Company which excel in all the techniques ranging from the new age CATI to the age old, tried and tested Clts. We can proudly boast of having a vast range of International Research Clients. At CCMR, we follow a very rigorous process to define a particular problem and then acting upon it by finding a solution which is a trustworthy methodology in Market Research.

CCMR has got well-trained and highly efficient people researching and provides a complete analysis at a lower cost than the numerous outsourced analyses. The process that we follow here is highly effective and you will know the difference once you talk to us.

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