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In this information age, we have access to far more competitive data, far more quickly, than we have ever had. However, the amount of information available to us does not necessarily correlate with its value. The most useful competitive intelligence cannot be easily found on the internet; tapping directly into the market through primary research can yield much more actionable results.

Information is out there if you know where to look

CCMRs customized Competitive Intelligence solutions are specially designed to meet your companys unique information needs. We offer services including:

Company investigation via governmental and publicly-held records

Competitor website analysis

Press analysis - using news aggregators, journal / periodical subscriptions and databases

Obtaining data from sales forces, account reps and other stakeholders

Research on competitor prices

Interviews with the competition, including mystery shopping

Interviews with current and lapsed customers

Interviews with industry experts, including the supply chain (distributors, integrators), associations, peer groups and independent thought leaders

Comprehensive competitor intelligence studies

CCMRs competitor intelligence studies are designed to be as detailed and as wide-ranging as your organization requires. Our research will provide a comprehensive outline of your competitive environment, as well as detailed profiles of key competitors, covering a wide variety of subjects including:

Company features and perceived / actual performance

Views on the supplier from buyers and the channel

Financial results and reports

Strategic plans

Data on mergers and acquisitions

Product trends

Marketing activity

A sound strategy leads to an actionable solution

Our competitive intelligence solutions can give your organization the competitive edge, arming you with the strategic intelligence which puts you ahead of the market curve, and enabling you to realize your organizations potential and move towards your unique vision.

CCMR has vast amounts of experience in international markets across diverse sectors, from construction and industrial manufacturing, through to the insurance and financial industry.

Competitive intelligence review

If your organization operates in a competitive market, CCMR can assist you with a Competitive Intelligence Review.

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