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When researching your products or services we find out two things: Who is using them and what do they think of them?

Want to know what your customers are really thinking and doing?

We find out what your customers are really thinking and doing through Use & Attitude research (U&A).

This type of research is similar to customer satisfaction research, but the audience is normally much wider than just customers. It includes anyone using a particular product or service.

Our solution

The research usually involves interviews across a broad cross-section of companies. It will typically be a quantitative study of 30 to 50 questions that may include questions like:

l Which products do you use?

From which companies do you buy these products?

l What do you think of these companies overall?

l How much of these products do you use?

l What is changing in the way you use these products?

l What do you think of their performance in terms of their product quality, availability, customer service and prices

l What is involved?

The U&A survey could be carried out by telephone from an acquired sample frame or through an online panel. The questions are designed to screen out companies not using the products, and the interview may be carried out blindly to avoid bias through respondents knowing the sponsor.

Once the results are analyzed there will be opportunities to slice and dice the data by industry vertical, and to discover segments that have different uses and attitudes.

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