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There are many value propositions to the clients when They choose CCMR and planning Strategic Market Services, Including:


We Turn Marketing Intelligence Directly into Client's Profit , we Help clients successfully navigate Their Businesses, and Develop Relevant Marketing strategies that allow them to lead the Market Effectively;

Resources & Quality 

With 10 years of Marketing Strategy research and planning experience, we have completed  102 projects for Foreign companies.  We are delighted to Share Resources with existing clients and Methodologies We Provide Top quality, practical, English Language written reports;


We provide a Project Plan and Timeline for each project, in order for our client to be aware of the research process, so that the knows client the project progress or can provide supervision at any time;

 Added Value & Succession Planning 

If necessary, we are glad to train the client's marketing employees to repeat or maintain the market surveys in the future for continued success;


We Conduct Our research with Sincerity, Always PROVIDING Individually tailored, Relevant, Timely and Appropriate research results, Completely Focused on Client's Benefit ;


We each Client Keep Updated on forthcoming Opportunities as a priority, in Order for clients to promptly Pursue Their business Opportunities and see immediate positive results for Their business;


All statistics, graphics, tables, are traceable and verified;

Year Round Service

When client requires results to be received within a short timeframe, we are there for you, especially during holiday periods.

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