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Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis
¡¾Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis¡¿
¡¾Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis¡¿

Our client is one of the world¡¯s leading TMT companies and their stock price consistently beats the markets.  Over the last 5 years, our clients¡¯ stock price has risen almost 700% while the S&P has gone up 23.76%.  It is a market leader both in the US and in China and began generating profits in China several years ago. 

The company came to CCMR because they wanted to have CCMR help develop a strategic plan to increase revenues and profit margins by selling into untapped B2B sectors in Sichuan, Dongbei, Guangdong, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Stage 1 Market Feasibility

For Stage 1 of this project, we utilized desk and internet research to determine the B2B sector that would have the most growth potential for our client considering their current assets.  Within this sector we identified the procurement managers of potential clients, as well as their current suppliers and annual expenditures in this sector.

 we conducted extensive phone interviews with key executives in 100 of the targets we identified as having the best potential for our client. 

Through the interviews, we found out who our client¡¯s major competitors were by region and what they were doing successfully and what were their shortcomings.  We ascertained the needs of potential clients including those not being met by current suppliers and we determined their budgets, purchasing timelines, and service requirements as well as relevant background info on the decision-makers.

After analyzing our market intelligence, we developed a sales strategy for our client in Stage 3. We gave actionable recommendations to our client on how best to allocate sales resources, where to focus sales efforts, and how to reorganize current assets to be more effective.

We identified and ranked their top 100 targets by region and potential revenue.  We also compiled a report with the contact information and relevant background information of the decision-makers in the target companies.

This analysis allowed our client to tap into a new market, grow profit margins, and realize an annual increase in revenue of at least $3 million USD.

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