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Largest Korean Conglomerate Consumer Insights
íżLargest Korean Conglomerate Consumer Insightsí┐
íżLargest Korean Conglomerate Consumer Insightsí┐

Our client is one of Korea's largest conglomerates, already selling over $10 billion USD worth of electronic items such as mobile phones, flat screen televisions, washing machines and refrigerators into the China market every year. They engaged CCMR to strengthen their long-term growth strategy by identifying priority consumer groups, creating the most practical and profitable strategies with which to target them, and determining a new, unified company brand position to help rid the company of business silos.

CCMR interviewed 300 target consumers in first and second tier cities throughout China to develop the perspective and strategy our client needed to position itself effectively and reach its target base.

In-depth interviews with 300 of our client's and competitorí»s customers throughout China allowed us to identify and segment the different types of consumers purchasing our client's products, and rank different consumer groups in terms of potential profitability to our client.

After identifying the most profitable consumer groups, we considered their purchasing habits and motivations, brand preferences, product and service needs to identify opportunities and challenges facing our client, and create a prioritized list of specific action items for our client, including marketing communications strategy and R&D initiatives, detailing how to best reach target consumers and create a more sustainable, unified brand image.

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