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Time to put the brakes on this motorized menace
Source£ºCCMR   Data£º2015-12-30

Taking advantage of the central government's latest policy to encourage the development of clean-energy vehicles, Chinese e-bike producers have grown rapidly in recent years. Brands such as AIMA, Luyuan and Yadea have become popular products in the market.
Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co Ltd and Tianjin AIMA Bikes Co Ltd are two leading e-bike manufacturers in China. Zhejiang-based Luyuan says on its website that it offers 100 different vehicle models, with three main product lines: Lead-acid electric bicycles and scooters, lithium-ion electric bicycles and scooters, and multipurpose specialty electric vehicles. Tianjin-based AIMA has developed very fast in northern China, with annual sales of more than 3 million e-bikes.
But this may be bad news for Chinese motorists and pedestrians, as laws and regulations are yet to be drawn up or enforced for the use of such vehicles.
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